Musician / Live-Looping Artist / Streamer

Ryan Marchand
The Entanglement (Instrumental)

Welcome to the official website of Ryan Marchand, an innovative live-looping artist and accomplished music producer. Combining a deep passion for sound with an extensive knowledge of music production, Ryan creates mesmerizing sonic experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

As a live-looping artist, Ryan masterfully weaves together layers of sound, looping and manipulating his creations in real time. His performances showcase a unique blend of instruments, vocals, and electronic elements that result in a rich tapestry of music. With an innate ability to connect with his listeners, Ryan’s live shows are both engaging and unforgettable.

In addition to his work on stage, Ryan is an experienced music producer, lending his expertise to a diverse range of projects. He has a keen ear for detail and a relentless drive for perfection, ensuring that every piece he works on reaches its fullest potential. From composing original scores to producing tracks for other artists, Ryan’s contributions to the world of music are vast and varied.

Explore the site to learn more about Ryan’s journey, discover his discography, and stay up-to-date on upcoming performances and events. Immerse yourself in the world of Ryan Marchand, where creativity, passion, and innovation collide.

Using live-looping Ryan creates sonic landscapes with layered beat-box percussion, vocal harmonies, and a bevy of guitar effects to cover the frequency and timbre spectrum. He draws inspirations from studio albums from artists such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles and many more.

Having toured extensively for the last 10 years in North America, Ryan has reached a wide spread audience. In an effort to bring this audience together, Ryan has began incorporating live-streaming into his craft and production. The streams occur during live concerts and in the studio giving viewers a chance to interact and have a private experience with Ryan Marchand and other listeners from across the globe.